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Production Connections

Three of the actors in Lightsong, Rena Baskin (Ella), Will Lyman (Fernando), and Tanit Sakakini (Claire) had worked with Marilyn Felt on her earlier plays, performing in readings and staged readings.

Lewis D. Wheeler (Lightsong/Josh)'s father, the eminent director David Wheeler taught Marilyn play writing at the Harvard Extension School. The play Acts of Faith that Marilyn wrote as a class project premiered off-Broadway.

Joan Debow, the AFTRA paymaster at A.R.T., a childhood friend of Josh's sister Laura who had lost touch with her, had babysat for Josh decades ago.

Recording and postproduction was done at Burclan Productions. In the 70's Henry Felt, Marilyn's second husband rented commercial space from them for his film work and occasionally used their equipment. Beginning at the age of five, Josh used to hang around Burclan's sound studio, awe-struck. Josh's first professional composition, at the age of 11 was music to accompany a film on child abuse made by Susan Linn and Henry and produced at Burclan. Jack Clancy and Bruce Burke, the principals at Burclan became great fans of Josh beginning with his high school and college band 'The Eyes' and forever afterwards.

Patience Bundschuh, a close friend of Marilyn created the Lightsong poster.

Chad Fischer, a well-known musician, producer and composer, a best friend of Josh had met him in college and, while there, joined his band 'The Eyes'. Chad was also the original drummer in School of Fish. He produced Josh's last album Spirit Touches Ground. Chad began and gave shape to Lightsong post production.

Laura Baker, Marilyn's daughter and Josh's sister, an interior designer, provided design expertise and original art to the LightsongPlay web site. She also coproduced the play with George Lukas.

George Lukas, Marilyn's husband and Josh's stepfather, coproduced Lightsong with Laura. He also developed the Lightsong web site with the help of his son Jon Lukas and grandson Jacob Lukas - three generations. He documented the production in video and stills.