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Note: Each episode is about 30 minutes long. So that downloads will take a while, with a 5mbps cable connection, for example, about a minute, for a 1mbps DSL connection, about five minutes.

Episode 1 Diamond in Your Heart 18:46

The spirit Lightsong is given his mission. His journey begins within the baby Josh.

Episode 2 Beach My Bed 28:03

Josh grows up and leaves home for the big life in Los Angeles. Soon he is signed as the band School of Fish

Episode 3 Euphoria 29:59

School of Fish produces a hit and goes on the road.

Episode 4 Trumpet 31:57

Josh goes out on his own with the backing of a legendary producer. He goes on tour with a devoted band.

Episode 5 Invisible Tree 35:11

Two paths emerge. The first leads to the hearth of a native American spiritual community. The second leads to 10,000 fans a night, as an opening act.

Episode 6 Building Atlantis 32:55

Josh returns home to Boston to bring his own voice back to the music and to be close to family again.

Episode 7 Dragonfly 35:59

Dropped by his label, Josh settles in to finish his album. Nothing will stop him now- but his mission is drawing to an end.