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The Music

STG Cover

"This is the song you will not forget, from the greatest songwriter you never heard of." George Stephanopoulos introducing "Building Atlantis" on Good Morning America

"classic rock in the best sense of the term. . .full of melodic hooks, of groove-laden funk crossed with notable, memorable songcraft." Los Angeles Times on the album Inarticulate Nature Boy

"The album spins off a dense guitar mix, underpinned with seductive melodies and lyrics."" (Rolling Stone on "School of Fish")

" ... cascades of sweeping, melodic hooks clearly mark Clayton-Felt as a spiritual heir to Nineties pop wunderkinds like Crowded House and Squeeze." (Rolling Stone on the album Spirit Touches Ground)

The Songs and Lyrics
A Review
Unreleased Songs

Josh Clayton's music permeates Lightsong as it echoes and enlarges the fictional adaptation of his life journey. In addition to nearly forty previously released songs Lightsong contains five songs previously unreleased. You can listen to each of these in its entirety using the link at the left.

Josh's early career was an aspiring musician's dream - dropping out of Brown University to focus on music, he moved to Los Angeles and with Michael Ward formed School of Fish. The band's debut album, with the hit "Three Strange Days", sold nearly half a million copies. After a second album, Josh began his journey as a solo artist. A friend once called Josh "a man who walked with one foot here on earth and one in the spirit world." And that connection underlies his last, posthumously released, solo album Spirit Touches Ground. For more about his life and music visit his Web site