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The Production of Lightsong

A photo of a Lightsong rehearsal Another photo of a Lightsong rehearsal A photo of a Lightsong recording session Another photo of a Lightsong recording session
The Director
Behind the Scenes

It takes a village to build a play

Lightsong is a large and complex play, with over forty roles involved in its seven episodes.

Josh and Marilyn's family and friends had contributed comments and content to Marilyn's script. AFTRA provided a favorable contract to this nonprofit, creative project. Wren Ross, the director, deeply moved both by the script and the story behind it enlisted a cast of over twenty professional actors. Together, working intensely, they developed as well as recorded Lightsong. Family and friends were involved in the production and postproduction as well.

Recording was done at Burclan Productions, a recording studio with long connection to the Felt family. The long process of postproduction, initiated in Los Angeles by Chad Fischer in his own studio was taken over by Burclan and completed there as well, Alan Sahatjian performing both tasks and adding a great deal in both capacities.